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Two of the Cirrian Guards.

The Cirrian Guard also appear to be robots, and again bear resemblance to the Replicants and the Frozen. They do not have any unique behavioral patterns or skills/abilities, however they do move slightly quicker than the teams before it. They are the third enemy in the first round and the first enemy in the third round.


The Cirrian Guard appear as normal grey robots with indigo armor on their legs and shoulders. They also wear spiky blue helmets with aqua visors. While most Cirrian Guard members have three spikes on the backs of their helmets, the leader's helmet has only one spike.



  • Easy: 2 (Round 1), 4 (Round 3)
  • Normal: 3 (Round 1), 5 (Round 3)
  • Pro: 4 (Round 1), 6 (Round 3)

Attack Damage 

  • Punch: 2
  • Kick: 4



Electricman 2 OST - Cirrian Guard-0

Original name: Crystal Method - Weapons of Mass Distortion

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