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Damien Clarke's profile page description on Albino Blacksheep.

Electricman 2 itself was solely created by Damien Clarke, a software engineer and musician living in Melbourne, Australia. He first published the game on Albino Blacksheep in 2006 under the name Roboman and has created other games like Missile Game 3D, More Mindless Violence, and  Bloxorz. Currently, he's based here developing web applications, working on a new music app, and doing pedalboard.

Despite being the first Electric Man released, the game is called Electricman 2. The reason for this was recently made clear in an August 2020 email interview with Damien Clarke, the games creator, seen below:

"There was an original Electricman that was more of a platformer that I never released. You'd move from screen to screen kind of like that old PSX game Abes Oddysee, but on some screens it would throw you into a fight that was pretty much like Electricman 2. I never even got close to finishing it because it took too much work to draw all the levels, so I made version 2 to just focus on the fighting. I also thought it'd be funny to release a game that sounds like a sequel and have a bunch of people on the internet potentially trying to find the "original", bit of a lame joke to myself."

Another topic that was discussed in a follow-up email with Damien was inspiration for the game. He was apparently a big fan of Xiao Xiao, the Flash cartoon series on Newgrounds in 2001 and was heavily inspired by the interactivity of the ninth edition. As for the character design of Electric Man, he says the idea came from the high voltage danger signs that depict stickmen being electrocuted.

After its initial success on Albino Blacksheep, Free World Group approached Damien with the proposal to make a version of the game that had a high score list on their site. They named it Electricman 2 HS (standing for High Score) to differentiate it from the other Electricman 2s.