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The Dozermen are the first enemies in the second round, as well as the fourth enemies in the fourth round. They are the first enemy that seem to possess somewhat of a unique feature: they have significantly higher health than other enemies but move slower than other teams.


The Dozermen are normal grey stickmen with special orange armor on their shoulders and legs. They also wear orange helmets with green visors. Their area appears to be at a construction site with debris next to a black net, two orange large spotlights, and bright glare coming from another light. The background shows to appear wreckage of buildings or rubble including a dark blue sunsetting sky.

Their leader can be distinguished by his silver shoulder pads as opposed to his minions' orange ones.



  • Easy: 2 (Round 2), 3 (Round 4)
  • Normal: 3 (Round 2), 4 (Round 4)
  • Pro: 4 (Round 2), 5 (Round 4)

Attack Damage

  • Punch: 2
  • Kick: 7



Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power

Original track: "Seizure of Power" by Marilyn Manson

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