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Electric Man with his default yellow electric field.

Electric Man is the main protagonist in Electricman 2. There is no lore or backstory on how he got the electric field around him, but it seems to boost all of his abilities to superhuman levels.


Electric Man is a black stickman with a body surrounded by pure electricity. At the beginning of the game, you can decide what color you want the electricity to be (yellow, green, orange, white, blue, or turquoise).


The official moves list in-game.

Basic Moves

By default, Electric Man has the following moves:

  • A - Punch
  • S - Kick
  • D - Knee

Battery Moves

These moves require you to have a charged battery.

  • Q - Slow-Mo Punch
  • W - Slow-Mo Kick
  • E - Slow-Mo Grab

Running Moves

These moves require you to have a running start.

  • Arrow keys and D – Running Grab
  • Arrow keys and W - Quadruple Kick Combo
  • Arrow keys and E - Throwing Punch

Other Moves

  • A (when surrounded) - Combo Punches
  • S (when surrounded) - Side Kick
  • Hold E - Super Punch


  • As written in Creation, the inspiration for the character is the high voltage danger signs that include an illustration of a stick figure being electrocuted.
  • The Death Battle Fanon Wiki's entry on Electric Man describes a potential battle between him and Mr. Red, the protagonist of the Shock series, with Electric Man losing due to Mr. Red throwing a rock at him.


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