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Electricman 2 was a free online Flash game by DX Interactive that was released in early 2007 and could still be found on many different gaming sites prior to the discontinuation of Flash on December 31, 2020. You played as a stick figure named Electric Man equipped with extreme fighting skills. The goal of the game was to beat all 19 rounds of combat—which includes fighting many different combat teams with various abilities—in order to win the Tournament of Voltagen and claim the title of the strongest & most powerful being in the whole universe.

Despite no longer being able to play it online due to the removal of Flash, the game was one of many saved by a preservation effort called Flashpoint, a collection of thousands of Flash games inside of a free open-source launcher, and can still be played by installing said launcher. More informative content about the game, including why it's titled as Electricman 2 despite the existence of a first, are detailed in Creation. If you're interested in the game itself and/or consider yourself knowledgeable on managing Fandom Wikis, contact one of the listed Admins in Adminship to join our team!