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This is a list of all the glitches in the game.

Permanent Health Bar Glitch

If you make your name "=]]" or use any unicodes like ρ and skip the fight with the Replicant in the tutorial, the Replicant's health bar will stay in the upper corner of the screen.

Second Health Bar Glitch

Play the game on easy mode and make your name 00000000. Skip through the tutorial Replicant fight and then go into the Replicant match in round 1 on low quality. Two health bars will show up even though you are fighting only one Replicant.

Disappearing Glitch

To activate this glitch, select the Pro difficulty. Then choose your color to be white, make your name "$$$%%%", and then defeat the training Replicant. This will cause you to disappear along with the dead Replicant. Next, if you skip the battle, the Replicant will show up in the next battle you are in, much like the Floating Replicant Glitch and the Invisible Enemy Glitch.

Floating Replicant Glitch

When completing the tutorial, if you press E on one of the Replicant holograms, they will go flying across the room and become stuck to the wall, making no movement at all. If you press "skip" while the Replicant is still on the wall, it will result in the Invisible Enemy Glitch.

Invisible Enemy Glitch

This glitch occurs if you start the Replicants match without defeating the Floating Replicant per the Floating Replicant Glitch. In this case, the Replicant will still be on the wall until it gets down and attacks. After defeating it, an invisible enemy will start to punch you until you are defeated.

Sliding Glitch

To activate this glitch, press the down arrow and hold A. This will cause Electric Man to slide without his feet moving, making him invincible during the duration of the slide. Slow Motion punches and kicks work with this glitch, as well as the Super Punch and all grab attacks except the Flip Throw. The timing on these attacks are a bit different, as the grab attack needs to be pressed slightly before holding the down arrow.