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Pyromaniacs are the second enemies to appear in the second round, as well as the second enemies in the fourth round. They also possess unique abilities, as their movement is faster than previous enemies and they're also the first enemies to have the ability to dodge.


The Pyromaniacs are normal grey stickmen with spiky red armor on their shoulders and legs. Their heads are glowing red-hot with fireballs around them, but once defeated their heads cool off. Their leader has extra spiky shoulder pads, as well as having more pointed shin guards. Their area is composed of a white surface ground with three large stones lettered with some sort of hieroglyphics or alien language colored yellow. They’re is also a black mountain range in the background with a faint dark red sky in the horizon along with cyan constellations in the top right of the area.



  • Easy : 2 (Round 2), 4 (Round 4)
  • Normal: 3 (Round 2), 5 (Round 4)
  • Pro: 4 (Round 2), 6 (Round 4)

Attack Damage

  • Punch: 3
  • Kick: 4



Flames Of Revenge - Rhapsody

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