Electric Man Wiki

There are ways to defeat certain enemies by using particular strategies. This page covers some strategies that may be useful against the more challenging enemies.


The Dozermen are quite slow. This can be taken advantage of by waiting for them to come to the player before attacking, keeping them from mobbing the player or getting within the player's range.


The Pyromaniacs move very quickly. It is difficult to dodge their pursuits; attempting to retreat is difficult to do. The best way for the player to gain extra space is to use the normal move-kick towards a safe location, giving the player with more time while the enemy is on the ground. From here, there is more time to do any new moves or to further recharge battery.

Tech Team

The Tech Team can dodge pretty well, and their Health Visor makes them quite formidable. However, upon use of the Visor, they immediately stop any movement and are unable to dodge or attack.

The Plague & The Blind

Both The Plague and The Blind are fast, smart, and strong, plus they can dodge well. However, if they are knocked down anyway, they can be kicked repeatedly while down to deplete their health.


Death's Minions come in large numbers but are relatively weak so multiple enemy hitting attacks are especially effective. As for Death himself, his strategy is nearly identical to that of the Tech Team: he's completely immobile and vulnerable upon use of the Health Visor, which can be easily exploited.