The Frozen

The blue Electric Man fighting The Frozen.

The Frozen are a team of expeditionists that went to the Arctic on a mission, but were stuck in an avalanche and never came back. They were found later and apparently had gained an intense immunity to cold and a knack for fighting. They are the second enemies in the first round. Unlike other teams, the Frozen doesn't appear to have a leader.


The Frozen appear to be robots, as they have an uncanny resemblance to the Replicants. However, this is because they're body parts were replaced after the avalanche. They have blue and white armor on their legs and shoulders and wear blue helmets with white mohawk-like spikes on them, along with white visors.


Electricman 2 OST - Frozen-0

Electricman 2 OST - Frozen-0

Original = "Absolute Zero" - Unreal Tournament 2004

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