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The Plague are the fourth and final enemies of Round 2. They seem to be the opposite of the Toxic 10 similar to how The Frozen are the opposite of the Pyromaniacs. Their only special ability or skills is dodging and jumping.


The Plague are depicted as wearing dark grey armor with several spikes on their head, shoulders, and legs. They have green eyes that either appear as just two simply green, pupil-less eyes or a thin or large green strip instead of actual eyes. Their sector is a black laboratory-like room with bright green structures in the background integrated with various pipes and wiring including a large light beam on the ceiling. The room also has a bright glare on the surface.

The leader can be any of the three members.



  • Easy: 2 (Round 2), 3 (Round 4)
  • Normal: 3 (Round 2), 4 (Round 4)
  • Pro: 4 (Round 2), 5 (Round 4)

Attack Damage

  • Punch: 3
  • Kick 4



Spineshank - Cyanide 2600

Also used in the Resident Evil film.

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