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The Tournament of Voltagen is the combat tournament you fight your way through in Electric Man. The game features many different locations, each unique to the enemy being fought. It's not known if the radically different environments shown are all inside a massive arena built for the tournament or if they're more spread out globally (or possibly even universally, as hinted at by the main menu) and not based anywhere specifically.  


The tournament and the game itself has no lore except what's present on the game's main menu; this fact was recently verified by the game's creator, Damien Clarke, in a September 2020 email exchange. In other words, there is no set time period or location in which the tournament takes place nor does a backstory behind Electric Man, the enemies, or their powers exist.

The only premise given is as follows:

"Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stick man universe. The current champion has never been beaten."


The following "rules" for the tournament appear at the beginning of the game:

"Combat teams or individuals will compete against each other to advance into the tournament. Any combination of martial arts, street fighting, superhuman powers and weaponry are allowed in this tournament."

Other than this, the inner workings of the Tournament of Voltagen are nonexistent and how it would be run if the lore was more fleshed out is unknown.